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Fall Hens
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"Whether we serve in Primary or Young Women, whether we’re active or less so, whether we’re married or single, whether we’re spring chickens or fall hens, we all belong to Relief Society. I’m a fall hen, but I feel like a spring chicken! We need your voices, your feelings, your hearts. Relief Society needs you. And you know what? You need Relief Society. When you don’t participate, you’re depriving yourself and you’re depriving Relief Society."

-Bonnie Parkin

This page is for older sisters. In making an LDS Woman's site, I know that a lot of the topics can be focused on younger sisters. I wanted to be sure that older sisters get what they need as well.

I know that a lot of older sisters find they have a little more free time than they used to. I have compiled a short list of some activities you could participate in.
  • Teach younger sisters household skills, cooking, quilting, sewing, crocheting, etc.
  • Take a class in your community to learn a new skill. Our local library and local schools host classes on senior fitness, computers, organic gardening, crocheting, and more. Call your library or school district for details.
  • A lot of colleges will allow those of a certain age to attend college courses at no cost.
  • Take a BYU Independent Study course
  • Take a fitness class. Many hospitals offer classes for those over 50.
  • Start a small business. and offer places you can sell your arts, crafts, and other items for a small fee.
  • Do genealogy and temple work more often
  • Volunteer at church, a hospital, animal shelter, library. Find a place that suits your interest.
  • Drive an older sister who can't drive to do her errands.
  • Use your talents to bless those on a fixed income. Sew clothing, cut a families' hair, knit hats for the homeless.
  • Serve a mission
  • Plan vacations to places you've always wanted to see
  • Read your scriptures more
  • Write a book, poetry, or articles for magazines or newspapers
  • Take up a new hobby you always wanted to try, like painting