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Chapin Corner

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Family Reunion

Chapin Family Reunion 
This a a good idea Dory had. Everyone here seems to like it, we just need feedback on the rest of the family. This is the information she passed along to me:
 I wanted to share some information about a YMCA camp as a possibility for the reunion. The camp is called Camp Campbell Gard and is 10 minutes outside of Hamilton, Ohio. It is 35 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and 2 hours from downtown Louisville. The price is for 3 days and 2 nights, all meals, lodging and up to 3 activities are included. The activities to choose from would be swimming, canoeing, zip line, rock wall, archery and possibly trail rides. Each cabin sleeps up to 32 people in two large sleeping rooms with a common room in each. I spoke to both the camp staff and Julie about the food allergy issues and it looks like she could be accommodated.
 Here are the prices for 2 nights. If we wanted to stay longer that
can be arranged as well.
Adults 18 and up $84 each
 Children 7-17 $45 each 
6 and under free
so, for example for my family it would be $258
Hope this info helps, if you have any questions please call or email me. Here is a link to the web site: 

Chapin-Schweitzer Reunion
We have not heard anything about this reunion. I will contact Aunt Donna and see if anything is in the works.