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Chapin Corner

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Prayer Requests

If anyone has any prayer or fasting requests, please e-mail me, at

David & Donna
Please pray I stay healthy so I can have a home birth. Also, if everyone could pray for us and our journey toward the temple. Thanks so much.

Uncle John & Aunt Dena
Aunt Dena emailed me this message:
 Could you add Uncle John and my name to the prayer list. My family and myself are having a special fast this Sunday which is fast Sunday for some extra help and inspiration for Uncle John and myself. I am having some health issues due to stress. Being a caregiver is rewarding but can be challenging too. I want to give the best care to Uncle John but I can't do it if I am
sick. Anyway anyone in the Chapin Family is welcome to join us in the fast.
Uncle John is on hospice right now. Planning a trip to Yellowstone, however. He is in a lot of pain and has oxygen her constantly uses.