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Chapin Corner


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i will be moving out of the home i'm living in and moving right down the street.. into anapt with 3 other LDS guys.. i also will only be paying about 120 dollors for my school. i got a pell grant as well as the state of Idaho will be payin the rest.. all i have to pay for is the extra costs thats involved in school... i have a girlfriend. she's 27 and has her masters in speech language patholagy (spl?). we've been dating for about 4 months now. i hope to have a job at the hospital very soon.. i could use some prayers for this up coming school semester as well as to getting this job ant ST. Luke's
with love
PS. i have a facebook now. my screen name is matta's sea... check me out
Matthew is in Hawaii right now!

Full name: Matthew Christian Chapin
Birthdate: 12/8/1985 

Favorites List

Colors: um, I am not a racist
Animals: I like birds
Books: I just don't read but if I did it would be church books
Movies: If its entertaining then I like it
TV Shows: Not much TV
Music: I love music. Ben Lee, Ben Folds, MAE, The Beatles, Guster, and 50 cent! Oh ya you know it!
Fruit: I like all fruit
Dessert: Root beer floats or brownies
Smells: The scent of a good lookin girl
Place in US: Canada
Place outside of US: o here, I haven't traveled
Stores: I need money
Quote: Love one another
Scripture from Bible: Matthew 18:18, I Corinthians 11:11 (eternal marriage), Matthew 9:10-13
Scripture from Book of Mormon: The Book of Enos (forgiveness), Alma 26:12, 26-31 (work)
Scripture from Doctrine and Covenants: D&C 64:10, D&C 4
Scripture from Pearl of Great Price: I have to be honest, I have never read this book. But: Abraham 3:22-25
Icecream flavor: mint chocolate chip
Restaurant: chinese
Vegetable: ya, they kill people, be careful
Season: fall/winter
Flowers or plants: POT! for life yo!
Candy: you know my flavor of choice
Breakfast food: cold pizza
Lunch food: cold pizza
Dinner food: cold pizza
Snack: vanilla icecream
Prophet: Joseph Smith (of this dispensation) and Jesus Christ (of his dispensation)
Temple: Boise, Idaho
Holiday: Ya, I sold out years ago. Christmas, I am in it for the presents.
Person (you don't know) or people you admire: Gandhi, Buddha, all the prophets of the world, people that are in the scriptures we have and don't yet have at this date, Martin Luther "the reformer", the Smith Family, etc.

If you could only grab 10 things before your home was about to be destroyed, what would they be? none of these are in order
1. clothes 2. cds 3. money 4. pictures 5. scriptures
6. family members (if they needed help) 7. frisbee disks 8. luggage/backpack 9. the refridgerator 10. shaving cream

Oceans of mountains? Mountains. I've never seen the ocean
Fall or spring? Spring, but I love the cold
Zoos or aquariums? Zoos. I have never been to an aquarium, I think
Christmas or Easter? Christmas. Ya I sold out
Partridge Family or Monkees? Monkees
Bonanza or Little House on the Prairie? Bonanza
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Monty Python? Seven Brides. But Monty Python is one kick movie!
Being too hot or too cold? too cold. Depends Can I do anything about it
Summer or winter? winter

Name 10 fun facts about yourself:
I have a crazy left eye (it attracts the ladies)
I have a birth mark on my left foot, as does Erin
I'm listening to thriller right now! "ooo, girl"
I love frisbee golf
I love music and making mix tapes for friends
I love older movies vs. new movies
I love frisbee golf
I like poetry
I like cookie dough
I like to blog on the computer with friends

I like poetry