The Latter-Day Saint Woman

Gospel Living
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Basic Gospel Library

Every home needs a basic gospel library. Below is a few suggestions of materials you should consider adding to your home. These items also make great gifts to new members and newlyweds, who might not have had a chance to aquire many gospel materials yet.
1. Scriptures
2. The Living Christ (declaration)
3. Relief Society declaration
4. The Family: A Proclamation to the World
5. hymnal
6. One for the Money: Guide to Family finance
7. 3 Ways to Be a Happier family
8. How to Start Your Family History
9. The Holy Temple
10. Our Search for Happiness
11. True to the Faith
12. Presidents of the Church manuals
13. Gospel Principles
14. The Latter-Day Saint Woman, Part A & B
15. Duties and Blessings of the Priesthood, Part A & B
16. Preach my Gospel
17. Family Home Evening Guidebook
18. Jesus the Christ
19. The Miracle of Forgiveness
20. Conquering your Own Goliaths
21. Ensign
22. other church brochures & videos
All materials above are available from   Any not available there are available at  Many of the items above are at little or no cost.