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As with Peace Of Mind below, you can use essential oils to help with headaches, a cold, or stuffy sinuses. For a headache, take a bath and add any of these essential oils: peppermint, basil, eucalyptus, or other mint. I like a combination of all three. For a cold or stuffy sinuses, take a few pieces of eucalyptus, tie them together and hang them in the shower. The steam will help release the oils, and the scent will help your sinuses! Eucalyptus is available at most craft stores.

Mattresses: Conventional or Organic?
If I were you, I would look into purchasing an organic mattress next time you need one. New laws passed are requiring more stringent fire-retardant standards. The chemicals of choice seem to be antimony and boric acid. That's right, boric acid, a common roach killer. If you research affects of these fire-retardants, you will find many reports of ill health and almost  death. Heavy metal poisioning, asthma, behavioral problems, breathing problems, rashes, dizziness, vomiting, hives, rashes, and more are becoming more and more common. The levels of these chemicals used on the mattresses has in some cases exceeded by three times the EPA's established acceptable level of exposure. Evey night, we are putting ourselves, our children, babies, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems to bed on chemicals used to kill roaches. Consider purchasing an organic bed to help reduce your risk of exposure. I have included some links below so you can research furthur the chemicals used, and mattress options.

Peace of Mind

If you suffer from stress or tension headaches, I have found a line of items that works wonders. It is called Peace of Mind from ORIGINS, a place I work. The on the spot stress reliever is the best product for stress and headaches. Take a few dabs, place on your first three fingers, and place your palms together with your hands in front of your chest. As you rub your fingers together take three deep breaths. Go to the back on your neck and make three deep circles forward, and three back. To relax pull down on your earlobes or to energize pull up. Then go to your temples and make three circles forward, three back. Return your hands to starting position and take three deep breaths. This is the ritual used at ORIGINS with Peace of Mind. The small bottle is $10 and lasts quite a while. Peppermint, basil, and eucalyptus essential oils are the main ingredients. There are other things in the Peace of Mind line as well, such as lumbar wraps, vapor bath, and more. I know this sounds like a product commercial, but I really wanted to share this product with you. I know of people with severe tension headaches who don't suffer half as much anymore, and it's a more natural alternative.  Find it in your nearest ORIGINS store or