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The Latter-Day Saint Woman

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Sometimes the difference between an inactive and active member are those who have been fellowshipped. Aside from telling others of the church, fellowshipping new or inactive members can be one of the greatest acts of service. Here are some ideas on fellowshipping those less active:

1. If they don't want to get together, leave a photocopy of an Ensign article on their door. Write a comment and highlight especially important points.

2. Call or send a birthday card.

3. Offer acts of service if they are sick or in need of help. Take a meal over, give them clothes your children have outgrown. Offer a haircut or a ride. Use your talents to bless them.

4. Give them a ride to church. People are more likely to go if they have to call someone to cancel a ride.

5. Invite them to ward activities. Ask them out with you and a few sisters to a non-church activity.

6. Bake them brownies or another treat, along with writing a note that has your favorite scripture on it.

7. Invite them to your family home evening.

8. Pray for them! 

More Service Projects

1. Mow a single mother's or elderly neighbor's lawn.

2. Offer to babysit for a frazzled parent.

3. Make quilts and donate to crisis pregnancy centers.

4. Give old, gently worn books to schools or libraries.

5. Fast an additional day each month and give the money to a relief organization.

6. Donate blood or plasma. Register to be a bone marrow donor.

7. Take a trash bag to a park or around your neighborhood and pick up trash.

8. If you are a skilled makeup artist, volunteer to do makeup for cancer patients who have lost their hair. Feeling like they can still look feminine and beautiful can do a lot for their morale.

9. Donate trial sized products and samples to a local homeless shelter or women's crisis center.

10. Clean a sick ward members home or offer to run errands for them.

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